Threats to Corporate Information Security

What should a company protect the most? Should they go for their assets or their data? Considering their investments are only as secure as their data, we think information security in Dubai businesses should come first. 

Businesses with poor security systems can suffer from multiple issues and external threats. Here are some common hazards to data that a company would not want to face under any circumstances.

Phishing Attackers

 Cyber attackers are looking to enter into your information security system through any means necessary. It’s why they invented phishing attacks. Now, what is a phishing attack, you ask?  

Phishing attacks start with an innocuous email with a link. The cyber attackers might even assume the identity of a client, a co-worker, or a supervisor.

You, or any other company employee or member, might open this email and click on the link. If you do click on the click, you will be redirected to another page that asks for your personal data or company data.

Once you hand over the information needed, the cyber-attack begins and your company’s private data falls prey to a phishing scheme. The attackers might even hack into the company’s cloud to leak sensitive information.

Your data cloud is actually one of the most vulnerable areas in your information system.

Cloud Jackers

Cloud Jackers are a whole other threat to your information security. Since most companies now operate on a cloud-based system, guess what becomes the next target of cyber attackers?

Your cloud needs to be completely secured otherwise a cyber-attacker might easily enter, manipulate, and tamper with company information and processes.

Here are some possible outcomes of a cloud jacking:

1)    Misleading information is circulated through the company networks.

2)    Phishing schemes are produced to manipulate employees into giving attackers data rights.

3)    Malware is circulated through emails and downloaded by employees, impacting their computers.

4)    Sensitive data is mined and if it is financial data, attackers might use this information to steal company funds.

5)    The work process is disrupted and business information is lost, setting the company back until a better cyber security measure can be put in place.

Ransomware Attackers

 A ransomware issue is the most dangerous. Your data and information are your most important assets and you would do anything to protect them. Cybercriminals know this and know they can manipulate you. 

At times, they attack your IT systems with ransomware where they get a hold of crucial business information and hold it for–you guessed it–ransom. 

Cybercriminals would specifically target important financial information or sensitive, confidential data and demand payments to let you have it back. 

You cannot simply relinquish your right to this data because it might be very important to your business process and to your client’s security and privacy. 

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