Abaya is the most modest piece of clothing a woman wears. It serves the purposes of Pardah and gives a message of simplicity. Among many countries of the Middle East, Dubai is famous for the best quality of Abaya fashion. It makes its name known among women by the exemplary designs and style that go side to side. People often question how one could fashion an Abaya since it is just a large black cloak. They are probably unaware of the innovations that big brands like Hanayen have made.

Here are the five best types of stylish Abaya Dubai, to help you find the right thing for yourself.

  • Open shirt Abayas: Keeping the summery days of Dubai in context, a loose shirt Abaya will go perfectly for any occasion. These delicate and elegant designs are perfect for any event. All you have to do is style it with the right color of scarf and accessories. Open shirt abayas are comfortable to wear and provide a soothing effect keeping you safe from the scorching heat.
  • Fashionably embroidered Abaya: A fashionably embodied abaya will make you different in the crowd for your important occasions like weddings and family functions. It comes in various shimmering and straightforward designs; you can choose to have a minimal structure or something fulfilling depending upon your needs and the context of the event. You would not have to worry about being the only one underdressed in your Abaya; you can fashion it out and give your statement.
  • Printed Abayas: Women who are uncomfortable with pearls and embroidery can wear a printed abaya. It is high-end fashion, especially with cheetah prints. The luxury wearing Stylish Abaya, Dubai has this preference on their regular days. You can choose to have flora patterns or anything else that is to your aesthetic liking.
  • Statement Sleeves: if you are obsessed with styling your sleeves, this is the solution for you. These abayas have wide sleeves attached to the bottom of the centerpiece. You can find numerous designs on sleeves that give elegance and fashion to the abayas. These sleeves are a little hard to handle, but once you get its grip, you get the best look.
  • Abaya with headscarves: If you often have trouble finding the matching scarf for your Abaya, you would not have to worry about this. These types of stylish abayas are the answer to modern prey of fashion and saving time. You can get a scarf and abaya attached in one piece which will make you look astonishing.

These abayas are accessible to be found in Dubai, but if you live somewhere else, do not worry about missing out on anything. Stylish Abaya, Dubai, is now easy to be assessed by women around the Globe. All you have to do is click here to explore the practical designs of these high-end fashion Abayas at Hanayen. Your Abaya is your statement to the world. It reflects your confidence and style, delivers the right idea to everybody, and proves how tradition and fashion can walk simultaneous